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Mikey Mash Pro Team- Mikey Mash, Brady McCullen and Quinten Masciarelli, is a
Professional Real Estate Team backed by the one of the countries Legendary investors
Warren Buffet and His Company Berkshire Hathaway. Their Berkshire Hathaway Home
Services Coastal Real Estate office is located 110 Jacob Lane, Myrtle Beach, SC 29579. The Team has
multiple certifications in home sales including investment properties, land, development,
site selection, finance, marketing, consulting and negotiations. The key to the Mikey
Mash Pro Teams’ success is simple. Work hard, put in the hours, use the world class
resources of Berkshire Hathaway Real Estate and give your clients a 120% effort on
getting their property marketed and sold or finding the best home at the best price for
their clients. The team also realizes that sellers typically have two common questions;
“How quick can you get it sold and what is the most you can get for me.” The team’s
forty years of business experience helps them to do just that. On another note, Mikey
previously served on the Horry County Planning Commission; in July of 2022 he was
elected to the Horry County Council, a twelve-member board that oversees the county’s